Alaska, “The Last Frontier,” is home to local artist Janina Simutis. Nina, as her friends call her, began to study Alaska’s beauty at a very young age while helping her father Ray aboard his commercial fishing boat, the Leslie M. It would be many years later that Nina would transform those childhood memories on Resurrection Bay to canvas.

The vibrant colors and complex patterns of nature aroused Nina’s artistic desires to capture their magnificent beauty in detail. With such a diverse landscape in Alaska, Nina went to work. With every stroke of her brush, Nina began to create her most challenging works of art.

Many artists spend their entire lives trying to achieve the notoriety that Nina has received in the few short years that she has been painting. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Nina traveled around the world, only to return home to the sleepy seaside town of Seward, Alaska. Her fascination with her natural surroundings led her to take up painting as a hobby. Noticing her amazing talents, her friends and family urged her to push on and Nina’s artistic style was born.